How do I remove a member from the strata committee?


Section 35 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) states six ways a strata committee member vacates their position:

  1. The member is no longer eligible to be a member;
  2. The person was not an owner when they were elected and the individual who nominated them is no longer an owner;
  3. They resign;
  4. A new strata committee is elected by the owner’s corporation;
  5. The owner’s corporation declares that the person’s office as a member is vacated, by special resolution; or
  6. The person dies.

Therefore, the method for removing a strata committee member is for the owner’s corporation by special resolution to determine that the person’s office as a member is vacated.

The behaviour of some senior executives effectively removes themselves: President Nixon following his resignation in 1974.