Conveyancing & Property Law


Conveyancing and real estate advices and transactions are a staple of a suburban solicitors practice. While many conveyances of residential real property go smoothly, there are risks associated with poor contract drafting, unauthorised works on a property, defects from works performed without a Home Owners Warranty Insurance certificate attached to the contract, planning and zoning constraints, boundary or encroachment issues, and Special (or Further) Conditions in the contract.

If the property is Strata or Community Title other matters also arise. The ageing of Strata Title buildings mean purchasers need to be aware of potential costs associated with works required on the Common Property of the building (even if those works have no direct benefit on a particular unit owner).

While licensed conveyancers are entitled under the relevant Act to perform “conveyancing work”, if issues arise beyond that scope of work, any disputes beyond that should be resolved by a solicitor with experience in the relevant area.

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