Our Practice Areas

Our firm provides specialist legal services in a broad range of areas

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

While parliament’s overriding purpose of the civil litigation process is that it facilitate the “just, quick and cheap” resolution of issues, in reality litigation can be unfair, slow and very expensive.


Strata law is the law which governs how owners of strata title properties deal with each other and others such as the local council. As the name suggests strata is where a piece of land has been divided into stratum, such as a unit block, and strata title owners effectively own a little bit of space above the ground.

Conveyancing & Property

Conveyancing and real estate advices and transactions are a staple of a suburban solicitors practice

Elder Law

Elder law is a term which describes a range of legal issues surrounding your life at retirement and beyond.

Probate, Wills & Estate

Part of being a lawyer is to talk to people about what they want to happen when they lose the capacity to look after themselves, when they completely lose mental capacity, and when they die. It is a little bit morbid but it is the consequence of our human condition that we do not live forever and that we want to look after those that we leave behind as best as we possibly can.

Commercial Law

Telemon Lawyers has years of experience in a range of commercial law matters including debt recovery, purchase and sale of business and contract disputes.

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