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I have executed an Enduring Power of Attorney naming my son as attorney, can he make decisions without me knowing?

If you have executed an enduring power of attorney, you as the donor have signed a document that gives another person, the attorney, the power to deal with your financial matters on your behalf, even when you can no longer act for yourself. Anything your attorney does for you is as though you yourself have […]

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What’s the difference between appointing “joint” and “joint and several”?

In the three primary instruments of estate law, that is the will, the Enduring Power of Attorney and the Appointment of Enduring Guardian, it is not uncommon in certain circumstances to appoint more than one person to the primary roles, respectively, the executor, the Attorney and the Enduring Guardian. Other than in the case of a will where the […]

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What is a Power of Attorney?

The explanatory text from the Land Registry Services standard form of Enduring Power of Attorney is a useful start to this question: An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that allows you (the ‘principal’) to nominate one or more persons (referred to as an attorney) to act on your behalf. An enduring power […]

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